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We offer wide ranging opportunities to suit your marketing needs -from FREE TEXT ADS to ROTATING BANNERS- to reach a highly-targeted audience for related websites or e-Shops:

Scrapbooking - Stamping - Digital Scrapbooking - Wedding - Shabby Chic - Victorian - Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro Resources - Photography - Stationery - Printing Services - Arts - Crafts - Cards - Gifts - Home Decor - Graphic Design... and much more!

Has a Google PR 4. Increase your website Google PR having a link on our listing through a Free Text Ad or a No Expiry Rotating Banner. Details below.


You can have a no expiry FREE text ad. Your website title and description will be inserted at our topsites list. Just click on "Join" and fill out the blanks spaces. You will receive an email with the HTML code to be inserted at your website. This code have your ID number and will display a personalized counter button which will track visitors allowing it to climb up on the listing.

This is an example of the beautiful counter button that will be displayed on your website and will identify it as one of the favorite online destinations:

To be approved and listed at our topsites list, your website must have inserted the personalized counter button at one of its pages, preferably the one that receives more visits which usually is the homepage.

Sites listed at the topsites list move up in the ranking in accordance with the visits that we receive from them, this means that the button  inserted at your webpage counts when someone clicks on it. These are unique visits on a 24 hours basis. Statistics are reseted every month so all sites have the opportunity to climb up to  the first page of the listing.

Get thousands and thousands of banner impressions for a very small Lifetime Fee

This is the most popular advertising solution! An inexpensive way to get your products or services in front of thousands of readers. All Banners at our topsite list "rotate" among several advertisers equally and they will be displayed to thousands of readers monthly! Our software delivers different banners in different positions (even the top positions) to different visitors, that means, banners rotate each time that the page is reloaded. Click HERE to go to our topsite list and see how banners rotate, simply refresh the page.

Our advertising program is very simple but very effective and the best of all: The cheapest in the market.

You select where you want to insert your banner:

- Central Banner (468 x 60 pixels) or
- Left or Right Banner (150 x 150 pixels)

for an unique Lifetime Fee of just: $29.50 USD

* Central banner is displayed through all pages of the Listing. It could be displayed two or more times on each page depending on the number of banners we have in our rotating system and the random position.
* Left and right banners are displayed at all pages of the Listing and also at the "Join", "Edit member info", "Lost code", "Lost password" & "Search" sections of the site.

Your banner will never expire, no renewals or additional payments will be requested!

Your banner will always be present on every page of the topsites list, even at the top positions!

Each and every one of our members have the counter button on their homepages linked to the Topsites List. Thus, hundreds of websites will point directly to your banner!

Other Benefices:

  • Your prospects will have immediate access to what you want to tell them. Just one click and they will be reading your message on your website.
  • You can change your advertisement. Change your banner design as frequently as you like. You can then easily find out what works best for you and/or adapt the banner design to your site updates.
  • Even you can change the banner link, so if your site disappears you will not lose your investment, your advertising space can be exploited by your new site.
  • Only one Lifetime fee. You pay an unique cuote, so you will get thousands and thousands of banner impressions for a very small price.
  • The number of times people see your banner grows as our members number grows, at no extra cost to you.
  • You can have more than one rotating banner at our system. For example, you can have a central banner as well as a left and/or a right banner. Or you can have two o more central banners so the number of banner impressions will grow exponentially. You pay an unique lifetime fee of $29.50 USD for each one of your banners. (NOTE: The only requirement to have more than one (1) banner in our rotation system is that all banners must to be different and link to different sections of your website).
  • Your banner must be in .JPG or .GIF format, even with animation, but its weight can not be over 350 KB.
  • This is a family friendly site, no adult/porn, casino, gambling, poker, violence, racism, etc. sites are accepted.
  • Your banner will never be removed, however in order to avoid broken links, if a site remains down for more than 30 days we will assume that it is no longer operational and the banner could be removed. But still, you can reactivate your banner at no cost for the same website or a new one. Save your Paypal receipt, it will be the proof you will need to reactivate your banner.

How to start:

  • Just click on the Paypal button below to make your payment for as many banners as you want to display on our site. Then send to your design with the appropriate measures according to the type of banner you have chosen. Your banner will be added to our rotation system in a short time, usually less than 48 hours.

Remember, only one payment of $29.50 USD for one (1) no expiry rotating banner, you can buy as many banners as you want.


We have banners design service. If you don't have a banner, we will create a very professional 468x60 pixels or a 150x150 pixels banner for you. Click HERE to know about the banners design service details.

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